What jmcartee is reading now.

I just picked up The Stand by Stephen King for….well free. I took some books to a used book store that buys used books.  This is my first Stephen King book and I must say….. WOW! I’m loving every bit of it. I’m about to start chapter 25 or about 70 or 80. This book grabs you in and doesn’t let go. Only two other books have dont that to me, The Bible and One Second After.

I picked up the Complete and Uncut Edition. It has over 400 pages of manuscript that was removed before it was published in the 70s. Something about adding all 400 pages would have made it too expensive or something like that. This will be the longest book ive read once I finish it. The characters are very well developed in it and it makes you feel like you are a part of the story.

Once I finish this book I’ll write a longer review about it, with a brief summary of the book. I’ll add some of my viewpoints to it.

This is a must read. You should get it. Like…now. Go.

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