Book Review: Slaughter in Barnaby Close

La Plume Noire Photography

None of the residents of Barnaby Close are particularly unhappy. It’s in a nice area and the families are well off and caring. So why have they started killing each other?

In honour of Halloween, I have decided to review a book. A short story in fact that blends in rather well with the theme. Indeed it is in the genre of horror. The author, Michael Cargill approached me a while back, requesting me to review his recently published short fiction, titled: Slaughter in Barnaby Close. The short story is available to download for free at Smashwords.

I rarely read short stories. This is usually due to the fact that they are either too short or the plot seems somewhat rushed. However, I actually enjoyed reading this story. My only problem was that I was left wanting more, much more. Perhaps this is my general reason for not…

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