Legend by David Gemmel

David Gemmell is one of the most famous writers of modern fantasy his books sell millions and since his death he has even had an award named after his first title ‘Legend.’ Although I would recommend any of his many titles ‘Legend’ is where it all began, It is classic heroic fantasy at it’s finest centering around the character of Druss an seventy old war hero who has become almost a myth with the tales of his exploits. The story tracks his final days as he once more takes up his fearsome axe ‘Snaga’ to defend the Drenai people. Druss does this despite being told many years ago that he would die doing exactly that.

Gemmel has written several books about Druss, he went back to begin the saga with ‘The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend.’ Druss’s life now bookended Gemmell filled in the missing years with several other titles both starring and featuring the axe-wielding hero.

Gemmell’s style is brilliant as he creates his characters to be more than just typical fantasy archetypes and instead are fully fleshed out stories in themselves.

After ‘Lengend’ Gemmell went on to write many more books not only about Druss but also creating many more heroic and wonderful characters such as ‘Waylander the Slayer’ and ‘Dace the Demon.’  You will struggle to find many fantasy lovers who do not enjoy Gemmell’s work such is the breath and influence of his work.

I implore you to pick up one of his titles and challenge you not to pick up a second.

4 thoughts on “Legend by David Gemmel

  1. I’m a huge Gemmell fan. His writing has served as inspiration to me. I love his stories and his characters. I started with the Troy Trilogy, not realizing how awesome he was. I cried like a baby when I finished the last line of the Troy books. Then I went all the way back to Legend and started working my way forward from there.

    • They were the books that really got my into fantasy I read them along with the epic David Eddings books. I love all of Gemmel’s work.

    • Wow, I wish I has the commitment to sit down and consistantly write prose, whenever I try I tend to keep rethinking things and flipping between ideas, hence most of my work is poetry.

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