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Here at WeHeartReading, we are always wanting to interact with the community. One way we have of doing that is by allowing Guest Posting. What is Guest Posting you ask? Well, Guest Posting is where someone like you will help us out by writing for our blog.  We are wanting all the help we can get. We strive to have great, quality content. With your help, we can make that happen. All contributors will also receive a free monthly newsletter. So if you’re interested in writing for us, please use the provided application form below:


We don’t require tons of experience, but we do like for our writers to have the know-how to be able to provide quality content about books.

After you’ve filled out the application, please look over these

Posting Policies:

Since this site allows guest posting, and freedom of commenting, I figured it would be best to have a posting policies page, listing the rules of posting and commenting. I would prefer every contributor and commenter to read this before posting as to know what can be posted and what can’t.

  1. Only post things that are relevant to books.
  2. Please, do not use lewd or profane language.
  3. Make sure to use proper grammar when posting. A dictionary or thesaurus is your friend.
  4. No lewd or images that can be considered offensive.
  5. Do not ask to be promoted to a higher position.
  6. Respect commenters/staff/guest posters.
  7. Have fun.
Thanks and we hope you enjoy our site!
-We Heart Reading Staff

5 thoughts on “Want to write for us?

  1. Your blog/website link(not required, but preferred): musingsofsomeguy.tumblr.com

    What is your blogging experience? I’ve been blogging semi-regularly since January of this year. My blog doesn’t get much exposure as I’m a bit lazy about promoting it, however I’ve only gotten positive feedback so far.

    What is your writing experience? I’ve never been published but I’ve been writing since a young age, and throughout primary school I entered a few competitions that I did quite well in.

    What kind of books do you like to read? I like to try and read a broad range of books but I often find myself coming back to Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

    Way to contact you: I frequently check my email and blog, so either of those should work.

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